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Welcome to Kustfoto!

My name is Kaj Krutelt and here I present pictures of birds and nature photographed mainly in Sweden. I am addicted to the nordic light and the changes of the four seasons and the landscape formations from the costline to the nordic alpines.

I became interested in birds after a visit to Hornborgasjön to watch the yearly and magnificent dancing of Cranes Grus grus in the spring of 2003. After that photography becom more and more important. In 2006 I changed from digiscoping to a digital SLR. A whole new world opened up and today photography is a lifestyle.

My ambition is to create pictures of birds and others species, where the surrounding nature and environment is a key element!

Image authenticity and photo ethics! WYSIWIS
Respect for the nature and there residents is vitale in my photography. It is important that the image shows how it looked at the photo moment! It was for that reason I took the picture!

The digital post-processing is minimal and is if needed adjusting of brightness, white balance, contrast, saturation and sharpness.

As a member of Swedish Natur Photographers /N is the
authenticity for granted!

Putting an /N after the name is a mark of quality and also a huge responsibility! Not just for me as a photogrpher, but also to you as a viewer, friend and collegaues.

What You See Is What I Saw

Kaj Krutfelt /N Sep 2011

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